And now;
I give you the next project .. or should I say, next series of projects, as they come into reality from the imagination of my mind.

This year is about taking Chasing Nothing to the next level - towards the direction I've always thought it should go.
I want to turn this channel into an outlet for my creative ideas, I want it to show people new ideas and do so whilst taking you to places you've hardly even heard of.

This project I'll be perfecting my kit - creating the ultimate home on the road.
I'll head back to my comfort zone - shooting from the saddle... though perhaps with a twist... or two.
I'll be taking to the skies once more .. but this time in my own way, with an FPV drone of my making... the creation of which has been quite the journey.
And I'll be back on the road overseas... doing what I do best.

So join me on this next journey and have a look through the posts below...

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