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Side Trip : India – Chasing Nothing



A Place of Sharp Contrasts

I didn't think I'd enjoy India. The idea of insane traffic and huge numbers of people rarely appeals.
And yet - I absolutely loved my time there.

Myself and Niko, stopped off on an extended layover on our way to the next project in Europe. It meant cheap flights to Sweden, but also the opportunity to see India for ourselves.
Neither of us had been before.

I mean - I'm not putting up my hand to live in Delhi.
But for travel photography, everywhere I want was incredible.
And getting around wasn't half as bad as I thought. It was monsoon time when we passed through and on the last two days it started to get pretty wet. But in general conditions were perfect.

India; I'll be back

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Streets, Spices & Chasing Tuk-Tuk's

I haven't been shooting street photography in months.
My time back in Australia was predominantly aquatic, sports and generic travel photography.
So I was jumping straight back in the deep end in Delhi.

What better way to get back in the swing of things though.

I could spend weeks in the slums and spice markets of Delhi alone; just looking for those glimpses of into the lives of it's residents.
Never mind the sheer insanity that is the city streets and country roads.
The traffic took some getting used to - and that says something.
I'll not be riding my motorbike here anytime soon ... but from the back of someone else's Tuk-Tuk; you bet.

An Ancient Culture

I hate touristy crap.
I hate going to somewhere where there are a million people all crowding around one landmark and you have to push your way past a million souvenir vendors and locals offering to be your guide for a 'modest fee'.
Take me to the middle of nowhere, to a place I've never heard of and then leave me there...
... normally.

However this trip Niko was adamant that he wanted to go to Agra to see the Taj Mahal.
Reluctantly I agreed - thinking to myself I'd take it as a day off from my street photography in Delhi and for once I'd play the role of tourist.
The big reason for this exception to the rules; was that I actually spent a good year of my BA degree, studying the Mughal Dynasty and the history surrounding ancient India.
It's a part of history that's always fascinated me.
And who know's if I'd get the opportunity again.

Once I got past the crowds; I wasn't disappointed.
And hey, I even got my camera out and got amongst it.