Chasing Nothing is a creative project of passion for myself. Equal parts photography blog and adventure lifestyle channel, it’s dedicated not to any specific end goal (you could almost say, dedicated to nothing at all) but rather the journey there, the chase, the adventure.

In recent years I’ve dedicated my life to getting out there and following my own crazy ideas, where ever they might take me.

Whether it’s building motorcycles or drones, filming surfers, exploring wilderness, camping far from civilisation or traversing the globe – the possibilities for this channel are as limitless as my rather imaginative mind.

I’d like to show people the world as I see it; the wild and untamed places, the fringes of humanity, the cutting edge of technology. We like to think of the world as mapped from edge to edge, so much is known and nothing is left to explore. I think this could not be further from the truth.

There’s plenty to explore and adventures to be had.

James Stroinovsky

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